mr-cup-fabien-barral-o6GEPQXnqMY-unsplash.jpgPatrons may visit our Archive Room to view documents, memorabilia, pictures, and ephemera related to Vinton, Benton County, and Iowa. Visitors are asked to check in at our front desk before going to the Archive Room. Preservation of materials is of utmost importance, so visitors may be asked to wear gloves when looking at certain items. In the Archive Room, you can find:

  • Benton County Historic Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Cedar Valley Times newspapers (physical & digital)  *Please note that supervision is required to look at physical copies
  • Early lithographic prints of Vinton
  • Books specific to Iowa
  • Microfilm Machine and Reels
  • Obituary Records
  • Vinton City Directories
  • Vinton Club Memorabilia
  • Vinton printed books
  • Vinton Public Library history
  • Yearbooks

Visitors may also visit the Benton County Historical Society website for more historical information.